Drive with a Player


A recent survey has once again listed Miami as the worse place to drive in the US.  As a Miami driver I felt a mixture of pride and indignation at this honor.  However, it was until returning recently from visiting friends in the North and business out West that I realized “Wow. We really can’t drive for shit.” This realization came after I asked more than once “Why are you driving so slow?” and was told “I’m doing the speed limit.” 


Aside from the surveys whining about rudeness, getting cut off, blah blah blah; here are a sampling of personal observations about South Florida’s driving habits:  

Speed Limits:  In South Florida, drivers generally regard posted speed limits more as recommendations, than say, actual limits.  Additionally, many drivers take the name of the highway as the speed limit. (Those man highways are I-95 and I-75 mind you). After midnight? Forget it…it’s every man for himself.  

Four Way Stops:If my drivers ed memory serves me correctly, you are supposed to come a complete stop, and then one person at a time goes through- the person to the Right? Obviously I didn’t pay attention that day in drivers ed, nor do I abide by the “rule” now.  When reaching a 4 way stop in South Florida, drivers play a mental game of chicken as each edges out slightly into the intersection. First one passed the curb goes first.  Somehow, despite breaking the laws, people here navigate 4 way stops just fine. (Its those damn 6 way stops that can cause some heated honking, but still we manage.) 

Flashing Red/Yellow Lights: True story- a few hurricane seasons ago one of the local news stations had a cop on with the purposes of advising viewers on how to safely maneuver the streets when there is no power. He was asked to demonstrate, with his hands, how this should be done. The fact that he only has two hands mean that this was a losing proposition from the start, however the look on the cops face was priceless. You could almost hear him thinking “I’m moving back to Kansas” through your TV speakers.  But I digress.  I only bring up that charming anecdote to say that while it is known that Flashing Red/Yellow lights are to be treated as 4 way stops, and despite South Floridians ability to navigate 4 way stops quite well, Flashing Red/Yellow lights are kryptonite. Nothing will back up an intersection more than those little flashing lights. Lines of cars will wait for a slight pause in opposing traffic before they begin a hemorrhage through the intersection.   

Emergency Vehicles: Drivers in other cities stop pull over and give these vehicles plenty of room. We try and outrun them.  

Who needs a ride?


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  1. BKScribe Says:

    Who needs a ride?


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