He’s a flirt

A bit of a pedophile and musical genius too boot.  However, after listening to the latest musical chapter in R. Kelly’s life, I can’t help but wonder if he’s completely lost his fucking mind.  One thing for certain, he has become a badly drawn caricature of his former self.  

Now granted-I really only gave Double Up a cursory listen, so perhaps my judgments are rash, frankly I doubt it, but chime in below if you disagree.  The first (most obvious) indication that Kels had lost his damn mind came at the MTV VMAs a few years back. When he acted out the entire Trapped in the Closet series live. By himself. Lip Synching.  Ponder a moment how awful that  was. Many could say that the whole Aaliyah marriage back in the day was an indicator; which it was, but more to his sexual predilections than future mental breakdowns. But this isn’t about his pee… 

This is about how Kels has gone crazy and is making me listen.  While he has always been a master at creating albums that effortlessly combined tracks that inspired the listener to pray, dance and have lots-o-sex, this latest album sounds more as though he stepped in the recording booth and started singing aloud the conversations he had with the voices in his head.

The result is the subpar confessions of a fevered mind, lost in some odd superstar reality where normal rules don’t apply. 

Some stand outs:  

The Zoo: “I’ll be your sexosaurus” “You’ll be going OOoo EEee” (imagine monkey sounds… sound effects don’t translate to type well) Sexosaurus?!?! That word alone made me give my ipod the side eye, all on a wtf tip.  

Sweet Tooth: “I’ll be your baby sitter” Wow Robert. Not really the line to say when you are up on child molestation chargers. Almost as smart of a move as you wearing a mask and calling yourself the Peid Piper.   

Best Friend: This song is just a hot mess from the word go.  

Same Girl & I’m a Flirt: Not to overuse this term, but where’d the grown and sexy go?  Both of these joints sound as if they should have been recorded by B2K, or any other pop/R&B act under 18.  

I really do have love for Kels, but damn if lately he doesn’t make me feel as though I’m watching a train wreck with a stellar soundtrack.


5 Responses to “He’s a flirt”

  1. Dallas Says:

    The battle rages on about who you would prefer to bust the cherry of a sixteen yr old. Another 16yr old? Who will possibly impregnante her and leave her and break her heart because all he wanted was that soft and warm slot, or…

    a mature man who will also leave her eventually breaking her heart but giving her the strength to be resolute. And he doesn’t get her pregnant.

    Be honest with yourself at least and admit that a woman needs to get twisted out by 16yrs old so that when she’s a woman she knows what to do with her body. I believe in teaching young women the value of their bodies so that they understand their power and their magic.

    BTW, your pussy is magic!

  2. 222WhatitDo Says:

    yeah this album sucks. smh @ myself for being excited that he was coming out with some new shit. gatdamn i hope TI doesn’t do the same shit!!!!

  3. green eyes Says:

    @ Dallas– actually I think teen age girls AND boys should be taken aside and taught a thing or two. Switch up the whole meaning of Sex Ed.

  4. Eloheem * Says:

    The review was mos def on point. I know its the #1 album in the country right now but I am still curious to hear what the kiddies think. I usually review music on my 2 hr evening commute home, if its trash I toss it right out the window. When I heard that Sexosaurus line that was it for me.

    Good Post Green Eyes….Keep blogging.

  5. Moxie Says:

    Lmao! Your post had me dying. I am very anti R.kelly 2002 to present. 2001 and back I can fuk with.

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