Hip Hop luvs da hoes

Once again, (in case you missed it) Hip Hop is under attack. And to blame for everything, but specifically, for bitches, hos and niggers. Fortunately Russell Simmons, Oprah and their gaggle of fun friends are on the case and are carefully planning ways to castigate and penalize Hip Hop appropriately, so please don’t loose any sleep over it.   What started with an old white man calling a group of young black woman “nappy headed hos” has snowballed into the “Crusades of 2007″ and has resulted in a number of out of touch folks banding together and hosting town hall meetings to figure out a way to solve the Hip Hop problem.    The simple solution is apparently to tell rappers to stop saying bitch/ho/nigger in their rhymes.

But truly– what is the goal of this new anti-bitch/ho/nigger platform? It certainly cant be the protection of woman’s images and their voice -women weren’t even invited to the debate.  Is it to pull together a group of antiquated out of touch figureheads to provide just enough lip service to appease the grumblings of the white powers that be and the Black bourgeoisie? Or is the goal to further emasculate Black men by policing their first amendment rights of freedom of speech through the guise of “responsibility” and political correctness? Don Imus may have started this fire, but the backdraft is going to burn a hell of a lot in the rap industry while he sails off into his “retirement” (nee: Satellite radio contracts)

Russell Simmons, Jay Z and the rest of the fellow Hip Hop illuminati are no longer even remotely in touch with the streets that created Hip Hop. They have quite simply turned their backs in the very populace and culture that allows them to sit fat and happy in yoga positions in 70 room New Jersey mansions, highlighting exactly how out of touch they are by calling on boycotts of $1000 champagne bottles. Pseudo-religious leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are hardly the most keyed into the true needs of the communities they claim to serve but are quick to criticize.  Might as well call Bill Cosby in and ask him to deliver they Key Note Speech on the State of Hip Hop – the results would have been the same: force the faux figureheads to apologize for some egregious misdeed that was never actually committed; draft a plan of action on ways to lambaste, or perhaps allow for a public flogging of a genre and art form, that was at one point, quite recently in fact, America’s sweetheart but has since fallen by the way side, and finally, demonize those individuals creating and participating in said art form.

Notably absent from this debate that stemmed from a misogynistic name calling of a group of woman is, in fact, women. Where on earth are the woman’s voices on this burning issue about the subjugation and degradation of women? Hip Hop has a significant amount of woman who can, and should be speaking out on this issue – not random men who aren’t qualified to accurately speak on what is and isn’t offensive and demeaning to women.  Women don’t need Russell, M-1 and company sweeping in like Captain Save A Ho and deeming what words are and are not offensive and derogatory.  Lets hear from some of women like Salt, Pepa, MC Lyte, Jean Grae and even Lil Kim and Trina who have embraced the terms “bitch” and “ho” wholeheartedly in their own rhymes.  I’ve already heard why Snoop says bitch and ho; but Latifah said it best “You got to let him know/You ain’t a bitch or a ho”. You don’t wait for him to tell you what you are or what you are allowed to be called, so lets here from the women what they think of the impact of these words.

Anyone who knows me generally knows that I think feminism is a crock of bullshit and a tool that woman use to allow their continual victimization and the propagation of the Disney induced “Princess-Complex” (one day my prince will come and give my life meaning, blah, blah blah, bullshit). They also know that I’m the first to call a ho a ho, a bitch a bitch and so on. I see it like this, and feel free to disagree, but by the very act of claiming that rights need to be retaken, means that you are in fact relinquishing them to a power higher than you. You are in effect, requesting permission for said rights.  In my opinion, equality isn’t about requesting anything, its about taking until things are equal. Every lecture and conference I have attended that was feminist focused all dealt with the victimization of the woman. I personally am not interested in being anyone’s victim, I prefer being on equal footing with someone who knows when to take the lead and when to back me up. But again, just my opinion, and I think I digress.

Back to the topic at hand: there are indeed some women who are “bitches” and “hos.” You know who I’m talking about- those groupies who tear condoms to ensure multi-digit child support checks, then write books about their whoreiffic ways.  VH1 likes featuring these individuals on a number of coontastic television shows.  Sadly, it appears that most of these bitches and hos in fact revel in their ho-dom; they aren’t offended, they certainly aren’t as empowered as they’d like to think, and they have all willingly and publicly showed their ass and acted a fool- or rather- acted as bitches and hos. In my humble opinion, “bitch” and “ho” are quite accurate adjectives that should be used in describing these clown ass heffas.

Finally, let us take a moment and talk about who is really going to experience the brunt of the anti-bitch/ho/nigger movement.  The Rutgers team that was the catalyst has already moved on.  The bitches and hos will “write” a few more how to books and be just fine and dandy. Real women- well, we have already determined they aren’t even welcome at the table, so obviously no. Oprah and Russell… I think not.  Which leads me to the men who are creating the much assailed and maligned lyrics containing the current trifecta of evil words. Is this current attack yet one more way to devitalize and debilitate a Black man’s freedom? The 1st Amendment, since its writing, has been a a much argued issue – a right that bore with it an awesome responsibility. With the freedom to say what you want came the responsibility to stand behind your words, stand behind and accept the repercussions and actions that such words might create and cause and accept ownership of the impact that those words will make, none of which are responsibilities to take lightly. As a writer, I am utterly clear on the power that words have and I fully support anyone’s right to say whatever they feel necessary to say; even is I don’t like what they Say. I don’t have to agree or like it, the point of free speech is to be able to speak freely. To now say to a group of artists, most of whom are Black men, which words they are and are not allowed to use is in direct violation of that freedom. Further, to specifically target words that reference sex and race additionally castrates a very specific segment of the American population that has historically been oppressed, demoralized and cast as wanton and violent due to their very race and sex.

The pendulum in Hip Hop is not swinging evenly or balanced; however Hip Hop and its creators and followers deserve better than to be harangued by false supporters who only have their own best interests and bank accounts in mind 


17 Responses to “Hip Hop luvs da hoes”

  1. 222WhatitDo Says:

    GREAT post. You made so many valid points Greenie. I too thought it was interesting that female rappers weren’t asked their opinion on the whole ho/bitch situation with music. Shows that this “anti bitch in rap crusade “is not really about liberating anyone, its all about control.

  2. 222WhatitDo Says:

    oh and i tried to comment on the “your man’s my ho” because you know that’s my shittttt but something is wrong with that page.

  3. Two-Times Says:


    thats alot 2 read… I got to read it in chapters..lol

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Greenie you cheeky lady, since when did you get involved in the blog game??! I’m gonna be posted up in this bitch like a suspect package from Columbia sittin in a Post Office box with the Feds watchin.

    Good post Greenie. Female rappers get shitted on the whole time to be fair. How can you have a woman as talented as Jean Grae and not get international shine? Plus she’s a little horn-devil.

    Greenie can I get a shout-out too like Mac and icon? I know I have’nt been instrumental in the whole set-up of your blog but I like to think I provide sexual stimulation for that ass to help you keep on bloggin!

  5. green eyes Says:

    LMAO- I got you Eng.

  6. Mac Brown aka Velvet Jones Says:

    Well Well Well…………somebody took my advice and expanded?!

  7. green eyes Says:

    yessir Mr Brown.

  8. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Greenie I love you like T-Pain loves Scrippers

  9. Phuque Says:

    word….to your mother.

  10. Two-Times Says:

    Can we get a 50 post greenie….

    I’ll pre-order you like 10 copies of Curtis…. ya smell me

  11. cold Says:

    NICE!, about damn time school these smart dumb hoes greenie.

  12. Seirtsudni Gulp Says:

    Dam, I’m late.I didnt know you had a blog.

  13. cold Says:

    green quick story about southern comfort, I drank (is that even a word) some, under estimated its sweet taste, tried to take a curve, hit a side walk and cracked my axle, had the nerve to blame my boy who was ridin in the passenger seat, for not tellin me to slow down.

    The moral of the story? shit aint always sweet.

  14. G7 Says:

    good stuff Green!

  15. green eyes Says:

    lol @ cold… i actually cant stand the shit.

  16. The-XFacta Says:

    Hoe’s need love too

  17. The Money Shot - Southern Swag Says:

    […] to the album in its entirety at which point I had bit of an ah ha! moment.  For awhile I had been musing the hypersexualization of women; this past decade has without a doubt seen an explosion in women not […]

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