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Not Just Crabs in a Bucket

July 31, 2007



What’s the deal with holding each other back? Why are we so unable to celebrate and recognize that a success for one of us ultimately equals more opportunity and success for the rest? The crab in a bucket mentality is not one that is unique to any one generation, race or nationality. By my own admittedly unscientific observations, worldwide, I have found this attitude most prevalent amongst those on the lowest economic rungs.



FYI: Jail Sucks

July 30, 2007




I never thought it would actually become necessary to sate that jail, is in fact, not a happy place to go. That being sent to jail isn’t the equivalent of winning a trip to the Bahamas ore the lottery. Hell, it isn’t even the equivalent of remembering to pack an umbrella when the forecast calls for rain. Jail is bad.


Dear Mama

July 26, 2007


I’m not a Suge Knight fan. Never was. I think he has profited off the exploited work of rappers for years, so when it was reported that Afeni Shakur was taking his bitch ass to court to stop him from trying to auction off unreleased Tupac tracks amidst his considerable bankruptcy claims, it was cause for celebration.


From the ashes, a Phoenix shall rise

July 25, 2007


History is full of martyrs. Individuals who sacrificed themselves for a greater good, a strong belief. History is also full of individuals with a less respectable role than martyrs- folks who took one for the team, fall guys. Again, they generally took the fall for a greater good; they just earned a much less storied place in the books. It is my belief that that we have reached a particular junction within Hip Hop culture that will require a sacrificial lamb of sorts. A slaying of the largest beast that will allow for the rebirth of an art form that not only were we all raised on, but one we thrive on.



July 23, 2007


During tonight’s Democratic debate, Youtube took center stage as carefully pre-screened plants average people from all over the US submitted questions for the contenders to answer. I’ll be honest-I didn’t remember what time the debate was on, and just happened across it while flipping channels after I got home from the gym, so admittedly, I mussed a good chunk of the debate. I’m sure it’ll be available on Youtube shortly, but until then- a recap of the last 15 minutes:


Boo Boo, Curtsy :(

July 22, 2007


As most of you may have already heard (I know I’m late), Lil’ Curtsy Boo Boo is suing some random internet company that creates this annoying “Shoot the Rapper” game that’s popular on free web sites whose revenue is generated from ad sales. He is suing for a million dollars (or a case of Vitamin Water since they are equal in value, depending, of course, on where you get your financial information) because, according to his lawyer, “he was a victim of gun violence. They also used his named and likeness without permission, implying that he endorsed the “game.” For all those reasons, he is personally offended.”


Got Soul?

July 20, 2007


Driving from Dallas to Houston (shout out Mac Brown) last weekend with one of my oldest friends for a wild weekend of Texas sized fun, I played DJ, scrolling through my Ipod and choosing a few songs less than a decade old. Aside from making me feel old, it brought up the question—where has the all the soul gone? Contemporary R&B’s soundscape is full of bombastic boasts of sexual prowess, faux empowerment ballads and trite words of psuedo-love and angst sung by some prefab overly made up kid who only knows soul when it’s spelled sole and referring to shoes.


A Great Day in Hip Hop

July 18, 2007



Back in the day I was an avid Hip Hop magazine subscriber, The Source, VIBE, Blaze (yeah I know), XXL. XXL was usually the one that never disappointed me, and when I opened my mailbox in December 1998, it solidified a special place in my cold little Hip Hop loving heart.

A Woman Scorned

July 18, 2007


With more than a year left until the next presidential election, I’m on candidate overload: Can Americans vote for a Black man? Barack’s middle name is Hussein. Like Saddam. Edwards gets expensive haircuts, Hilary is a bitch, Guliani is a fake republican, woman can’t be strong leaders, etc. etc. etc. Its in this last comment that I take pause because the question of strong leadership is a veiled and somewhat PC way to question not whether a woman provide strong moral; leadership and thoughtful counsel, but, in an increasingly violent and vicious world, is she a strong fighter who will do whatever necessary to defend and protect?


Fuck You Pay Me

July 12, 2007



Think back, if you will, to your early school days. Think about the classwork, the homework and how much effort you really put in to it. I was an honor student, top 10% of my class and still couldn’t be bothered to try that hard or go any significant distance to pass. The status qou was basically set, and there it was set pretty low so, raising the bar above and beyond wasn’t that difficult a task. I don’t think I’m going very far out on limb here to say that most of us learned early how to both do just enough to get by and look like we were trying harder than we really were. I’m inferring this of course, on the amount of time spent both here and at eskay’s.