Fuck You Pay Me



Think back, if you will, to your early school days. Think about the classwork, the homework and how much effort you really put in to it. I was an honor student, top 10% of my class and still couldn’t be bothered to try that hard or go any significant distance to pass. The status qou was basically set, and there it was set pretty low so, raising the bar above and beyond wasn’t that difficult a task. I don’t think I’m going very far out on limb here to say that most of us learned early how to both do just enough to get by and look like we were trying harder than we really were. I’m inferring this of course, on the amount of time spent both here and at eskay’s.

But what if we were taught a different lesson? What if, from a young age, we were taught that the amount of effort and work we put into something truly does have a reciprocal and calculable value? The idea of fair value and actually being paid your worth is generally shot to hell unless you are lucky enough to work for a very generous and forward thinking corporation. But is that an idea that is taught, rather than the way it always has been and always will be. But what if you were actually paid based on how well you did in school?

There are schools in Ohio, Texas and New York that have participated in some type of payment program that rewards students who perform well scholastically, whether trough actual cash or gift certificates.

For a moment let’s just explore the fascinating idea that could cause a paradigm shift on how we think about and approach our work and our sense of worth. It’s a fascinating idea, one I’m intrigued by. It could change the way student approach learning. Or it could simply have us raise a new generation of kids that figure out ways to both get paid will circumventing the system. Regardless of the result, I think it’s an idea that warrants further exploration, especially in a capitalistic society such as ours.

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Side note- Re: worth, value and reward (great segue I know): I’m heading out of town for a few days, so you probably won’t get a new post until next week. I’ll probably check in and shoot the air one with you beautiful people, and should crazy inspiration strike I might surprise is all with some new posts. Basically I’m just saying all this to let you know, I’ll be away, the fridge is fully stocked, the bar too, so feel free to hang on the couch while you are locked out of NR I’m away.. Please just make bring in the mail for me, okay?


44 Responses to “Fuck You Pay Me”

  1. Two-Times Says:

    Nice post greenie…

  2. green eyes Says:

    thank you two-times
    and you should know my friend, that there are times i spend more time looking for a good pic than actually writing the post, just so you cant call me out for my clipart again

  3. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    This all sounds like a good idea but also very easy to cheat and manipulate to get money.

  4. green eyes Says:

    i know… but are we thinking that because we’re used to looking for ways to cheat the system?

  5. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    yeah, although sometimes cheating is more difficult than actually working

  6. Greeneyes Aspiring weedcarrier Says:

    There are schools on Ohio, Texas and New York
    on = in(?)

  7. Thugged Out Uteris Puncher Says:

    School’s for suckas….

  8. green eyes Says:

    lol… i love you E. fixed

    although, technically they were ON the land of Ohio, etc.

  9. green eyes Says:

    ight– im out.

  10. cMac Says:

    great post.

    your second theory was put into place in my 12th grade economics class. I was the president of our class so I had extra motivation. we as a class (teacher was the sponsor) all agreed to front $10 in order to buy supplies (refreshments and snacks in bulk from sams club). we took the initial $300 and loaded up. sold all the stuff between classes, made a profit, and continued for the rest of the semester. we also sold hats, shirts, bags, etc.. with the school mascot logo on it….special order only.

    at the end of the term, we as a class, had a sitdown meeting to split the $. splits were decided by 2 factors. actual work done (comission for clothing sales), and a bonus (from revenue for food sales) to be received was decided upon per person by the class as a whole.

    I pocketed a little over $400 after a couple months work. (thats a lot for a 17 year old). I had the 2nd largest check.

    1 hour a day, in a class you were required to attend (yeah, we had to learn too). couldn’t convince me NOT to hustle…

  11. cMac Says:

    I meant to add this:
    I graduated in the top 10% with honors just like u green. and passed standardized tests, cause the state of michigan gave you a $2500 scholarship to any college if you passed. the good grades, they pay off in college too… another $20k to help the boy not go players club 2… Game starring as Diamond.

  12. smackaniggajustforlivin' Says:

    @ greenie:


  13. green eyes Says:

    ^^ wtf!??

  14. crazy88since88 Says:

    …damn greeny, dude goin to the Go-go’s 2nite, that pussy gon make it rain!

  15. Rey aka Optimus Pr-Emo Says:

    That’s a helluvan idea.. but I’m pretty sure my HS laziness would’ve won out over my desire to not be broke.

    It’s a sad commentary, really.

    Enjoy your vacay, Greenita!

  16. Gang Green Says:

    As always good post collar greens. Bout time. With me, in school, I always would put enough effort in what I do, just to get by. I never really challenged myself.

    I’ve cheated every now and then…we all have. Wether it was copying someones homework before its due to clockin in hours not worked at jobs back in the day. Show me the money (money I really didnt earn but spent..lol)

  17. Big Homie Says:

    Good post Greenie pie. Guess the wait for the new post was worth it.

    *sips your bath water*

  18. Michelle Says:

    As the resident mother, I have something to say on this: I have a school aged son who passes his classes but really does not put a lot of effort into it. School is boring, so he says. He would probably like nothing better than for me to pay him to get good grades. There are times I am tempted to do just that because perhaps it would raise his grade point average as he enters the year for which high schools require transcripts. This would help him get into a better high school than the two locals that he is zoned for but are a complete waste in space.

    But, no one paid me to pass my classes, and putting effort into your schoolwork shouldn’t require any reward. The fact that you are earning your way towards high school, hopefully, college, and then a paying job should be enough. If you want money, go out and earn it the right way. Don’t expect to be paid for getting good grades.

    Children are already taught (via news, friends, parents, music, etc) how money is the most important thing in today’s society. A price should not be put on their grades.

    Sorry if I sound all preachy.

  19. green eyes Says:

    not preachy at all Michele, as a mother I think you bring a perspective to ythis topic that I surely don’t.

  20. Michelle Says:

    also, think about it: if I start paying him now and he’s not yet out of elementary school, imagine what I’d have to pay him during his high school years?! I’d be poor in no time!

  21. green eyes Says:

    you could charge him rent…lol

  22. Jamz Says:

    A roof over your head, free food, heat, water, electricity and clothing should be payment enough for the non-challenged kid to do well in school.

  23. lo k Says:

    co-sign michele – I was thinkin’ the exact same thing, kids are already taught (along with everyone else in this country) that the dollar is the most important thing… I think paying kids for grades just further instills this and re-enforces this at a younger age… I was reading some article the other day about just how disillusioned kids are about their goals and how much money they make… while I don’t want to say that you cannot make 6 figures as a teacher, the chances of the average kid doing that are slim… reality’s a bitch and I heard that she bites (c) phonte

  24. candyraindrops Says:

    good post greenie…and damn, i’ll be rich by now 2 i guess. I also had good grades from 2nd grade on up. Awards and shit that I still have ..*sighs*

  25. candyraindrops Says:

    @Michelle……I agree, dont award him with money.. but positive reinforcement always works *well it should*…….ex. if you tell him that if he increases his grade by 1 letter (A,B,C,etc) every 2 weeks or something, then you will award him with (insert son’s favorite thing here).

  26. Thugged Out Uteris Puncher Says:


  27. EnglandRepresent Says:

    I was always one of those kids at school who at the beginning did naff all, just enough to get by and just enough to make sure my Moms did’nt give me a thick ear at the end of term. In my last 2 years though my cousin got shanked and passed and I thought if I don’t do this right I ain’t won’t be movin much further than Brixton and I’ll probably die in this bitch too. I passed high-school got to Uni and then got an Honours degree in Politics and English. Now I talk shit for a living and drink loads of booze with clients…..sweet as a nut! ‘School is my hustle'(c) Kidz in the Hall

    Michele – tell your kid that if he does’nt study right and get his books in order he’ll end up like all the other muppet young dudes on the corners gettin in to trouble. Gettin knowledge and doin well at school is the only way out for a young black man cos God knows there’s enough people out there tryin to pull us back down.

    What up SoCo? Greenie?

  28. cMac Says:

    mackaniggajustforlivin’ Says:
    July 12th, 2007 at 8:35 am

    @ greenie:


    I just viewed the link. That’s pitiful. They don’t wanna let this dude go!

    I hope they don’t hold it against him. I pray he didn’t smile in the camera.

    The friend that took the camera to the party….he needs his ass kicked (again)

  29. Two-Times Says:

    damn EngRep.. that was some of the realest shit you ever wrote….


  30. nation Says:

    hate to see you leave greenie… when does your plane land? my game just rewind?

    you’re all welcome at my place… though take off your shoes and don’t touch shit

  31. The-XFacta Says:

    I think making good grades in HS don’t mean much. It’s how you’re raised and the direction adults, either you parents or guardians, give you. Also, it takes a lot of luck, I know plenty of peeps in the top of their class, went to college, got 4 year degrees, and are only making $16 an hour… Life Fucking Sucks Sometimes!!!

  32. Mr.O Says:

    I agree.

    Parents are supposed to teach children the importance of learning. School is boring but learning is not. The majority of students attend college to make more money but in reality many people do not know the real purpose of education which is sad? I would humor you all but I have flex time and im leaving work early.

  33. OnPoint Says:

    Great read as always. College is highly overrated, but if that money is not coming to you early, u better go.


    what sucks more is that alot of those $16 an hour (and alot of times less) jobs that your college friends have are closing soooo much quicker for high school grads. Bachelors seems to be the minimum for getting a job where you can survive. Its even changing in the sciences which used to be in high demand.

    On another note i always wondered, who came up with the “Fuck You, Pay me” catch-phrase. I wondered, cause the first person i heard say it was J-Zone then Kanye made it popular and everybody says it (i could have that wrong). Anybody heard it before J-Zone?

  34. Rasheed Wallets Says:

    … why it gotta be a white kid with all that loot ? … why it couldnt be a black child ? … im sayin’ …

    *green eyes doesnt care about black chirren*

  35. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    I stay getting $crilla

    guffaws straight to the bank with this

  36. greenie on vacay Says:

    Rasheed Wallets Says:

    July 13th, 2007 at 6:37 pm
    … why it gotta be a white kid with all that loot ? … why it couldnt be a black child ? … im sayin’ …

    *green eyes doesnt care about black chirren*

    ^^i couldnt find one that wasnt some thugged out shorty with a grill, a gat and a skrippa. and that wasnt the image i was trying to put out about what kids would do with money when they had it.

  37. Phuque U, Pay Mick Says:

    >>i couldnt find one that wasnt some thugged out shorty with a grill, a gat and a skrippa. and that wasnt the image i was trying to put out about what kids would do with money when they had it.

    ^^The white kid in the pic looks like he’s having a brain aneurism…from thinking about how many skrippas he could take home with all that damn money…he’s stanky rich….

  38. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    you gotta read these comments Greenie, I’m dying of laughter

  39. The-XFacta Says:

    Where’s Greenie?

  40. Phuque Says:


  41. CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:


  42. Two-Times Says:

    where’s the new post… and ads at?

  43. green eyes Says:

    ^^ tomorrow.. im still on a mental vacation dammit

  44. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Greenie get your ass in to gear and hurry up with a new post already. The ‘Ayo Police’ headed by Chief Constable Ayo (pockets) over at Nah is doin my nut in (no ayo). Hope the vacay was good.


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