News You May Have Missed



Aside from a bridge collapsing, Curtsy Boo Boo going nuts, and the Newark murder rate going through the roof in a wholly despicable way, here is some news you may have missed living your busy life:

Political News:  
The Pentagon
has lost track of weapons sent to Iraq for use by the Iraqi security forces. A lot of them. 190,000 AK47s and over 200,000 pieces of body armor and helmets.

People lose things; I lose things all the time. My keys if I don’t put them right into my purse. You know little things. My AK I generally keep track of. 190,000 is a helluva a lot of guns to lose. I don’t think they can fall into a crevice between the bed and the nightstand like my keys are want to do. Unless, that is, they have really big beds in Iraq.

Sports News:
Barry Bonds broke the home run record. White folks and sports purists are hopping mad saying that not only is Barry a dick (pause) of a human being but he allegedefinitely uses some type of performance enhancing drugs, thus making his success less genuine..

Considering that this country puts supreme attention on winning,  add to the fact the damn near everyone is doped up on caffeine, Viagra, Ambien, Zoloft, Centrum Complete, Formula 50 Vitamin Water, etc.,  to enhance their personal performance- I say stop being hypocrites and let the man live. Its not s if he took a magic shot one night and magically woke up with super skill—the brother has talent is the first place. What’s so bad about doing everything possible to enhance hat is natural? Besides, in a few years some super hulk on new drugs will beat the shit out of his record too. Why? Because records are meant to be broken.

Health News:
Chlamydia is on the rise amongst men and woman 14-39. EWWWW.

People. Seriously, if you are still having unprotected sex: shame on you. Use a damn condom. Hell, be really smart and use multiple prophylactics and be extra protected from diseases and “Oopps” babies.  Get tested and wrap it up. And as an extra FYI: the Plan B morning after pill is available without a prescription in most states, ask the pharmacist for it. Just be careful folks.  


27 Responses to “News You May Have Missed”

  1. what up folks Says:

    Good post Greenie! Whats your myspace page link so I can add u?

  2. smackaniggajustforlivin' Says:

    whaddup, bay bay….good post..

  3. green eyes Says:

    thank you bay bay

    slick way to ask for a pic what up…

  4. what up folks Says:

    cant blame me for trying. lol what up with it though?

  5. Michele Says:

    I don’t pay too much attention to Barry Bonds. I watch my team and are happy when they win, that about sums up my interest in baseball. One thing though: Barry’s voice makes him sound like a little boy stuck in a grown man’s body.

    People need to stop sleeping with everyone/anyone. Just cause someone is cute doesn’t mean that you hop into bed with them…especially without protection. There’s so much shit out there why take any chances? Kids these days are starting much younger than we did. I know a woman whose 15 year old niece is pregnant. I wasn’t even dating when I was 15…my parents would’ve kicked my ass.

  6. Michele Says:

    *am happy when they win, …

  7. Big Homie Says:

    190k AK47s missing is insane. There all at my crib LMAO

  8. nation Says:

    >> slick way to ask for a pic what up…

    aww girl stop

  9. Rey aka Somebody Owes Me A Steak Says:

    lol.. info-tainment at it’s best, mon cher.

  10. AD Says:

    I like this post too (I think I have a ‘greenanalysis’ later today around 4:20) …but really was writing to give respect due for your overall body of work (at least the 2 wks or so) The busyness post had me thinkin about a recent convo/heated argument over how the game is more fucked than a cumberbund (c) Tay, in which my homie argued that it’s basically all Russell’s fault… which I had to semi-cosign cuz we all hate Russy right now but all of these rap-moguls are his seeds…which left me with no choice but to blame Berry Gordy, who may/may not have influenced him… IDK, but kudos

  11. the audience Says:

    the audience’s opinions on:

    190,000 missing AK-47s and 200,000 pieces of body armor and helmets

    a) they were taken from us during one of those ass-kickin’s we took that we never reported…(i.e.- “I lost my lunch money today that the Gooch is using to buy an extra Sloppy Joe for lunch”)

    b) the Iraqi “security forces” that we’ve been training read “The Spook Who Sat By The Door” and realized how fucking stupid Americans are….portray a humble and sub-serviant nature to them and you get the keys to the house

    “the others” having problems with the Great Barry Bonds breaking “their” most revered record

    a) Bonds ain’t break no record……don’t be fooled by thinking that Hank Aaron held the record……in the court of public opinion (the White Man’s answer to “we lost”) Babe Ruth will forever be king…30-some odd years after his “statistical accomplished” was superceded

    b) have them fuckers ever heard of a level playing field?…..this joker won numerous MVP’s BEFORE all this b.s. started…..he was already ahead of the field “au natural”….check for the fucking pitcher whose house was raided……what happened to that list he had (lost like the afforementioned guns an body armor)

    c) all MLB “records” set prior to 1947 are considered bogus in my book…..

    Chlamydia is on the rise amongst men and woman 14-39

    a) nowadays, anything short of HIV is a win…..(“yeah, I’m burnin’, but at least I ain’t got that shit”) or (“I’m good fam, I just came from the doctor….I just got “the envelope” , I ain’t got “the package”)

    b) I spent too much time explaining the first two…..let ’em figure it out themselves…..STUPID FUCKERS (pun intended and greatly deserved)

  12. the audience Says:

    We guess we’ll just chill over here til somebody stops by…..

    Ms. Green’s been home that last coupla days we stopped by, and we know that “Crazy” dude from next door be making her cook, so it’s got to be left-overs………..somebody go check the fridge……..

  13. green eyes Says:

    lmao… good looking out audience for posting a comment longer than the entry. im glad you are here, there is a frozen lasagne in the freezer.

    what up AD, thanks for coming through and showing love

  14. pockets Says:

    yo for real with the whole barry bonds issue, taking steroids doesnt make u knock out home runs basically at will and be that great of a hitter.

  15. landLORD aka Rasheed Wallets Says:

    … smh … this heffa said, “allegedefinitely” …

    … clever …

  16. BKScribe Says:

    LOL Great post Greeny

  17. Belize Says:

    I like the pic you chose mama…good analysis

  18. G7 Says:

    greenalysis > cnn

  19. G7 Says:

    how stupid can the Pentagon be? smh.

  20. lo k Says:

    >>Unless, that is, they have really big beds in Iraq.

    ^^*hacks up lung laughing*

    didn’t you know they had big beds? where do you think they slept with us in back in the 80’s?

  21. lo k Says:

    you realize hootie is partially responsible for that rising statistic? ain’t that some shit!

  22. The-XFacta Says:

    Hey Green’s! Please change my address in your blog roll to

  23. L.P.CROOKS Says:

    Whutupdoe Greens?
    I think you should really consider errbodies urging you to write a book/novel or whatever. One of my English proffesors pushed me to get started on mine…and the dopeness of your content/talent inspired me to pick it back up

    Book deals>record deals

  24. candyraindrops Says:

    *new post greenie*

  25. crazy88since88.....nappyheadHO! Says:


  26. cMac Says:

    on the clammy tip…

    unless you are sleeping with the same person, and only the same person unprotected. That goes for both of you

  27. Furiou$tylez Says:

    FYI: the Plan B morning after pill is available without a prescription in most states, ask the pharmacist for it.

    ^^^im sure yours is always waitin for that call on Mon. mornings…

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