G.W. Done Fucked Up Now



In absolutely terrifying US foreign policy/War on Terror/Axis of Evil news- there are rumors flying that the Bush administration is looking to officially designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp (you know, their military) as a terrorist organization. While, technically speaking, an argument can be made that all militaries, when invading and fighting and doing their usual day-to-day work engage in what those who are fighting on the other side might justifiably call terrorist activities, this designation is apparently specifically because the Revolutionary Guard trained/planned/supported al Qeada and other such known terrorist organizations.

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert in foreign relations, diplomatic or otherwise, the Middle East, the US or Vitamin Water, but I do like to think I’m not a total and complete idiot (an arguable claim perhaps) and have sense and foresight enough to realize that making a designation such as this of a foreign military whose government has no love for us, in a region where we are currently the occupiers and freedom squelchers is a very, very, very bad move.

While G.W. and Congress are spending the summer competing to see who could have the lowest possible public approval ratings, and Elizabeth Edwards’s cancer and lack of melanin is allowing her to get away with making rather incendiary remarks about her hubby’s competition, the superpower that was once the United States continues to crumble. With our country’s relationship with our only Muslim ally in the Middle East, the House of Saud, tenuous at best (not to mention being based solely on economics), and given the delicate balance of power they themselves share with the Wahhabi’s for control within the region, it is only a matter of time before our actions in and attitudes towards the Middle East coupled with their simmering and at times justifiable hatred of the West comes to an explosion of which we have not yet begun to imagine.

Children are being primed for jihad and martyrdom at a young age. Women are taking part in attacks. Men and women from all over the world are responding to the calls for a global jihad. Our invasion and continued hostile presence in Iraq, ineptitude in Afghanistan, inability to fight the Taliban or al Qeada (aka those other terrorist organizations), this country’s blind support of Israel and its acts of occupation and terror against Palestine remain daily evidence supporting the rhetoric that the West is in fact evil and out to destroy them.

As US citizens, we cannot allow the carefully orchestrated media games to continue to distract us from the reality that we are not alone in this world or confronting the difficulty of even beginning to understanding an opponent whose ideological differences are so far removed from our own. While there is little to no doubt that there are very powerful forces orchestrating all this upheaval for a very specific endgame for which we are not privy, there is also little to no doubt that those forces, both here and abroad, have very little concern how it will effect us here and our counterparts over there multi-slacking their days away on AllahCorrect.com drinking Apricot Vitamin Water.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get the door … the FBI’s knocking….


Post-track: Pac & Snoop- Two of Amerikaz Most Wanted



30 Responses to “G.W. Done Fucked Up Now”

  1. Mac Brown pka Cashmere Jackson Says:

    Did you ever hear about that interview Dubya did over in Britain about 3-4 years ago where we stated that god spoke to him and told him to plant the seeds for Armageddon or some shit.

    I actually remember a quick blurb on my local new channel 2 nbc station mentioning that (Bill Biesa was the news caster……..yeah I’m calling channel 2 out), but it was ‘quickly’ squelched & never heard about again.

  2. greeen eyes Says:

    i do remember that….freaking psycho. (not you of course)

  3. Mac Brown pka Cashmere Jackson Says:

    Oh …….. and

    RESPECT MY FIRSTNESS!!! or however you say it.

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Great drop Greenie as usual. This is by far my most favourite blog to actual read interesting material. You bring up a good point re. America’s foreign policy. Regarding the Revoloutionary Guards, you gots to look at it from both points of view. They recently did kidnap a whole crew of UK sailors at gun point for being in Iranian waters (which I’m sure you’ve seen) when APPARENTLY they were’nt even in Iranian territory. Not so much a terrorist act, more of a right to defend one’s sovereignty typa act, still, overtly aggressive nonetheless. I mean it would appear that insurgents are being trained and armed in Iran but they’re also being trained and armed in Pakistan but you don’t hear Bush givin Musharraf any shit about that even though he’s contributing billions towards their economy in an attempt to secure favour with them. The US and the UK (although not so much anymore since Brown gained power) have fucked up so much in terms of their foregin policy towards the Middle East that it seems like an impossible task to try and retract all the damage that they’ve done.

  5. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Apologies for the novel.

    P.S. Greenie are we still on for that mud bath?

  6. green eyes Says:

    novels (and mud baths) are always welcome.

    this was in no way a note of defense for the Iranian Rep Guard, or any such terrorist organization either US led or foreign, just a little wake up note about things that are going on that we are probably not aware of.

  7. pockets Says:

    vote ron paul, hes our last hope. for real. its our last chance to save the country, all the other candidates are in cahoots.

  8. pockets Says:

    this was in no way a note of defense for the Iranian Rep Guard, or any such terrorist organization

    ^why do you say the Irani Guard is a terrorist organization

  9. green eyes Says:

    click the link for the full details, (or read the 1st paragraph) but its because they provide training and support to other known terrorist organizations

  10. lo k Says:

    fuck terrorists… they don’t exist, they are like the boogie-man… if anyone is a terrorist it is those who are at the helm of this very country… crises precipitate change… the biggest threat to the American people right now is our own government… it always has been and it looks like it always will be…

  11. green eyes Says:

    People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

  12. green eyes Says:

    yeah i quoted a movie… and what? lol

  13. EnglandRepresent Says:

    People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

    ^^Correct but slightly idealistic. Apart from Ancient Greece, it never has been that way, government has always had control over its citizens which it has been nominated to serve. Its fucked up. Democracy these days is fucked up.

  14. green eyes Says:

    democracy is an illusion

  15. Big Homie Says:

    This post left me speechless. *stands up and claps*

    Encore (no Jay-Z song)

    2 great posts on one day. Definitely a spot where I can come to and actually read and get some knowledge. I see that you do alot of reading as well dont you Greenie?

  16. green eyes Says:

    thank you Big Homie. indeed i do read a lot. a little bit of everything.

  17. candyraindrops Says:

    good stuff greenie…..we shouldnt even be surprised at something like this….its prob. gonna get a wole lot worse before his term is officially up…….fuun fact: it is illegal and unconstitutional for the CIA to operate on American Land….hence, if they wanted to “spy” on american citizens gotta be done some other way. *puts tin foil hat on*

  18. candyraindrops Says:

    edit: *whole

  19. williehobbes Says:

    dick-n-dubya already have their minds made up that we’re goin to tehran, they’re just laying the tracks and waiting for the right moment. when that thing went down with those british soldiers i thought that was it but luckily i was wrong.

  20. green eyes Says:

    ll– thats why there is the FBI, NSA, DHS, NSC and some other members of the intelligence alphabet soup we havent even heard of.

  21. candyraindrops Says:

    *yea…within america is the better term* yes greenie your right….all these other agencies help with the “dirty work”
    oh..and lol @ your disclaimer in your comment above

  22. Big Homie Says:

    Damn…Greenie and LL in the sametime? Man. I could of got a menage a trois going on here. smh fooock

  23. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    America’s already in a decline but going to war with Iran will really mess things up….smh

  24. Small Eyez Says:

    will you be my blog ghostwriter?

    lol..green u stay spittin them Zeitgeist level flames…

    BTW..have you seen ^ yet?

  25. the audience Says:

    Here’s the article on G.W. politickin’ with God:


    G.W. and his whole administration are “idiocy pesonified”….he/they are literally trying to start the next Crusades….this is not a war of good vs evil, but instead it is Christianity vs Islam, the sequel…..all the while Judism sits, watches and waits it out

    A war fought on too many fronts will always result in defeat……especially if those who oppose you are the bastard tools of war you help nuture in furthering your agenda (ex. Taliban) but when no longer needed are discarded and treated as an enemy.

  26. Rey aka KanyEmo West Says:


    And you guys wonder why I spend so much time in Star Wars Emo Kanye land.

  27. green eyes Says:

    ^ lol. im sorry rey. I was thisclose to putting up a “Dont read any further Rey! Bad Stuff!!” disclaimer. I’ll come with the funny tomorrow. try to lighten the mood.

  28. G7 Says:

    Bush needs to have a fall back attack. All that cat sees now is terrorists. Of all the people not to get assassinated….lol

  29. Belize Says:

    Good post mamas

    When I was in the military, one of the many dissapointments I ever endured was watching the importance of The Katrina Disaster pushed aside to “steady the course”on Iraq … but since we live in a capatislist society; money will continue to dictate our leaders choices.

  30. fries Says:

    I know I tried to post this.

    You should check out PBS Frontline http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/. They hae a lot of amazing stuff on foreign policy. Specifically the episode on North Korea. Notice how the Clinton administration ended and how Bush recently made an agreement with North Korea. This further illustrates why such designations are not good moves.

    On Saudi Arabia, you might like Frontline’s House of Saud episode up on torrent sites.

    For Iran, they have a new episode streaming.

    For Iraq and the War on Terror in general, there are many episodes on the site and on torrents. Truth, War, and Consequences and Rumsfeld’s War should be the starting point for Iraq. For more recent phases, Private Warriors is about contractors, Insurgency shows how widespread they are and how frequent their attacks are; Lost Year in Iraq goes over the first year with Bremer, de-Baathification, and putting the Iraqi army out of work; Gangs of Iraq covers the infiltration of the police by competing factions, and gives a sense of how futile it will be for Iraq to “stand up”; Endgame surveys the overarching strategies in Iraq up to the surge, it’s not bad but extremely concise. There is an older clipshow I used bittorent for that culls from previous frontlines up to before the war, where it is pointed out the CIA put the Baath party into power as an anticommunist force during the Cold War. Transcript here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/longroad/etc/script.html.

    For terrorism at home, The Enemy Within is revealing episode that tests the idea Bush is doing something that keeps us safe.

    For Afghanistan, Return of the Taliban helps make some sense of what’s going on there and in Pakistan. They were able to interview Musharraf. Also memorable is local reporter Frontline sent to cover a dangerous area in a previous episode, no longer streaming, who was apparently killed by Pakistan’s government by this episode. Also, I think this episode points out Taliban received US funds through Pakistan during the Afghan-Soviet War. There’s a book covering that war by one of the guests, Steve Coll.

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