My Pal Al


Dear Al:

On behalf of me, I’d like to thank you Al, for all you have done. Truly.

The march you led after Sean Bell was assassinated by the NYPD was great. While I’m sure the media is purposefully ignoring all that you have done subsequently to hold the department accountable that things such as this never happen again, I’m sure you are, in fact doing that. I mean this isn’t case closed for you already. Right?

As for this pesky Imus business, once again, thank you for having the guts to actually go on the show after the “incident” and directly address his insensitivity. Once again, it was truly magnanimous and courageous of you to get yourself some free publicity by appearing on his show. Given his reconciliation with CBS and your have pledged to “keep watch over and monitor his content”, I trust that you will personally give your hair dresser’s contact information out so that no head is ever nappy again.

Speaking of head…

Wow. I am just shocked and appalled at David Banner for insinuating you, a man of the cloth, would be open to such a pause worthy act as sucking his dick. Then to make a song* disparaging you, Oprah, Russy-Russ and Jesse? Tsk Tsk. What are these Hip Hop guys thinking? All their cursing and “N” word usage. And the “ho” word. And the word that means female dog. Who do these rappers think they are by calling out women and dogs? Michael Vick?

All this to say Al… I understand how busy you must be. This must be why you haven’t been able to devote anytime to issues of real importance such as the Jena 6. Perhaps you just don’t believe it’s real. I certainly didn’t think that in 2007, Black kids were being threatened with nooses hanging from trees on school grounds, and that in 2007 Black kids are being charged with attempted murder and held in jail for a fist fight against a white student. I could have sworn this was some “Look at back at injustice” special, something ripped from the 1947 headlines.

However, it is happening today, as I write this and as you read this. Again, I’m sure you are aware if this and are doing everything in your power to bring attention to this absolutely issue and justice to these Black kids.

Al, just as you, I can only imagine what it is like to be a true leader in the same vein as Malcolm, Martin, Huey, Elaine. I can only imagine how you prioritize what issues are more important and deserve public outcry. Maybe your pals at the FBI tell you. Maybe you flip a coin. That’s how I make my important decisions.

Uncle Tom Al, I’ve no doubt I have already taken up too much if your time, so in conclusion, once again thank you for all that “keeping watch” and hair tips you give. I appreciate you.


*song jacked from eskay, but you knew this


29 Responses to “My Pal Al”

  1. I'm not a Victim I'm the Victommizer618 Says:

    However, it is happening today, as I write this and as you read this. Again, I’m sure you are aware if this and are doing everything in your power to bring attention to this absolutely issue and justice to these Black kids.

    ^^^ Maybe Al’s too busy getting a Just For Me. It’s sad when you hear mofos bitching about music but when real issues come up ni66as vanish.

    Co-sign this whole post

  2. Fidel Cashflow Says:

    nice post

  3. Two-Times Says:

    nice post…

  4. candyraindrops Says:

    lol..this was pretty funny green…good post..Al(his people) may or may not see it, but it’s still true and funny .

  5. EnglandRepresent Says:

    EXACTLY what I was sayin over at Eskay’s place after he dropped that Banner joint. Do we have copyright issues Greenie??!! I had to pull Billy up on that!!

    Great post, as always, agree %100.

  6. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Oh, what up LL?

  7. what up folks Says:

    you sure you aint black greenz?

  8. MadeInMilwaukee....Since1979 Says:

    As much as older people tell us to look presentable while in public, you would think someone would tell him to cut his hair. I find it EXTREMLY hard to take anyone serious when they have a cunk. This is on par with having your pants hanging off you butt with your draws showing. On top of this, I would like to know just what does Al Sharpton do? Does he really serve a purpose in NY? In the country? I’m reading “Shakedown”, so I know Jesse aint about nothing, but can someone please tell me what Al does?

  9. the audience Says:

    Al Sharpton is a “lacktivist”…..

  10. green eyes Says:

    lmao @ “lacktivist” thats so getting swacked….

  11. the audience Says:

    green eyes Says:

    August 20th, 2007 at 10:24 am
    lmao @ “lacktivist” thats so getting swacked….


    damn….I’ve been “She-bo’d”…..arETHER Franklin style……

    s’all good Ms. Green…..anything to add to the lexicon…..

  12. Big Homie Says:

    Off the hook post Greenie and real funny. I doubt there will never be a head that is never ever nappy, but we can all dream. That David Banner song is the worst. Anyways, co-sign this post to the fulliest. You always on point and thank you for the lack of long words in this post

    *puts dictionary away*

  13. candyraindrops Says:

    wassup england….morning southern comfort commenters……. lol@ lacktivist,clever.

  14. green eyes Says:

    what up LL.. whats up w/ your blog? eyeland girl is no more?

  15. candyraindrops Says:

    green eyes Says:

    August 20th, 2007 at 11:32 am
    what up LL.. whats up w/ your blog? eyeland girl is no more?

    ^^^hey green…bout to take a quick road trip…..sadly no more eyelandgirl..very time consuming, planning on working on some other stuff…in the mean time I had a joint blog before my personal blog, so I will post on there from time to time when I get a chance.

  16. green eyes Says:

    ^ good to know, I’ll change the link in my blogroll. Enjoy the road trip.. going anywhere fun?

  17. the audience Says:

    Al Sharptongue: Mouthpiece Extrordinaire

    He will chase a “safe” issues in which public sentiment/media attention is favorable in his behalf…..

    *National Action Network, ladies and getlemen*

  18. candyraindrops Says:

    green eyes Says:

    August 20th, 2007 at 11:48 am
    ^ good to know, I’ll change the link in my blogroll. Enjoy the road trip.. going anywhere fun?

    ^^ummm, *thinks* is camden and trenton considered fun? …its more of a business trip green….lol….catch yall lata.

  19. the audience Says:

    sorry for the consectutive post, but the lead title “My Pal Al” just caught me as being funny as hell… some sort of action figure/doll ala “My Little Buddy”, complete with 80’s style Kangaroo track suit, gold hubcap medallion, conk comb set, and a pull string in his back that just says “No Justice, No Peace” every time you pull it…..

  20. cOLD Says:

    thats not being fair green, … who at the end of the day doesnt have their own motive. Atleast he’s willing to be a voice for the people. So he receives some publicity in the midst, whaaa whaaa! What would you prefer every injustice go unchallenged. I didnt see you rallying the troops together to take a stance against the Sean Bell shooting.

  21. G7 Says:

    ^good point

  22. green eyes Says:

    shots fired from cold.

    nah man, my criticism isnt in him garnering publicity for calling attention to an injustice, but in him choosing which injustice to call attention to based on how much attention it will bring him and how “safe” it is to protecting his position within the eyes of white establishment. He plays it safe while thinking himself a maverick. And with all his criticism against hip hop– there is no interest on his or his peers behalf to educate or work with rappers, he has taken an adversarial position against them by calling for a divestment from them.

  23. james brown Says:

    keep my hairstyle alive!

  24. the absence of heat Says:

    lol, green I knew exactly where you was going, just felt like shooting back. You know ruffle some feathers from the shots fired over at Nah. Plus we got a trip to plan.

  25. green eyes Says:

    lol. no doubt. visa for vegas, am ex for fiji.. sky’s the limit when someone else is footing the bill.

  26. lo k Says:

    I wonder what his Simpsons avatar would look like??

  27. lo k Says:

    everytime i look at him I think about the scene in “School Daze” where they have the hair song…

  28. green eyes Says:

    ^ lmao on both statements

  29. Furiou$tylez Says:

    excellent post…

    sharpton and jackson are just show pieces…

    the just sit on the civil rights mantel collecting dust…

    problem is, there is nobody to take their place…

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