Get Low


Critics are crying a foul threatening to get the ACLU in involved due to the multitude of “anti-saggy pant” laws that are making their way onto the books across these United States. Already outlawed in parts of Louisiana, Dallas and Atlanta are now trying to equate saggy pants and visible drawers to public sex acts (heartless lawmakers… taking all the fun out of public sex), effectively squelching an individual’s freedom of bad fashion.

As you are obviously aware, we at Southern Comfort are all about the first amendment: from saying what you want to dressing how you like- we support your right to make as big of a fool of yourself as you see fit. Now granted, the US Constitution may not have specific language governing underwear, but as our great leaders have taught us: the Constitution is merely a recommended guide- not actual set in stone rules or anything. That would be the Commandments. There is little doubt that our forefathers would outraged at the assaults on fashion freedom that are currently going on in this country.

It was bad enough that the NBA dared set down a mandate that its long suffering players only dress professionally for official team functions, as if wearing a uniform on the court wasn’t enough. Now we are telling kids that they must pull up their pants?? If some dumbass kid wants to wear their pants sagging to their knees and showing off their goods in a typical jailhouse demonstration of both availability and sexual prowess, then by all means let them do it! Who are lawmakers to stand in the way of true love?



Grandparents too are getting overzealous in their desire to see their grandchildren look like something other than hos, pimps and drugs dealers. Pastor Dianne Robinson of Jacksonville, Fl founded the Nanas and Papas Raising Grands Organization, and even went so far as to launch an official campaign to squelch the freedom to show your drawers. She started collecting and distributing belts- even going so far as to come up with a slogan: “Pull Up Your Pants–Need Some Help, Here’s A Belt!”

Well Nana, catchy slogan and simple rhyme scheme or not, not you, lawmakers nor NBA commissioners can take away a young persons right to let their pants hang low because they too have a slogan: “I never seen London, don’t know what’s a France, but look right here bitch- these my underpants!”


18 Responses to “Get Low”

  1. MadeInMilwaukee....Since1979 Says:

    Lol! They really need to pass some kind of action in regards to sagging pants. That shit is getting out of hand. While they at it ban those damn Girbaud shorts with the color straps on them. Kids who wear those shorts and pants are crazy ass dog shit in Milwaukee.

  2. Michele Says:

    I don’t mind baggy pants that are slightly below the waistline but anytime you have your butt completely hanging out (like the post’s picture) I think things have gone too far. I’m not sure that it’s law worthy, however, but young people need to realize that they don’t look cute. What’s worse is the 30 year old rocking pants like this. Plus it’s always the real skinny ones showing their bony asses and their boxers. They deserve to have someone run up behind them and pull their pants all the way down to their ankles.

  3. green eyes Says:

    ^^ lol. and true.

  4. Big Homie Says:

    I support this law because sagging is one thing..baggy jeans..etc, but having your ass out is too far. Shit looks discusting having the jeans all the way down there and then having your crusty ass hanging out? Half of the time they some tight jeans anyways See: Jim Jones & Juelz.

    Maybe passing the law is extreme but shit is ridiculous and I see why they are considering it. It dont matter to me if they do or dont pass this law. I dont sag, but it would be good to see less dumb fucks sagging walking like they crapped in their pants. It was cool in the early 90s.

    LOL at the title

  5. green eyes Says:

    anyone remember when sears started selling saggy jeams with boxers stitched right in?? smh.

  6. the audience Says:

    The ongoing war against crack continues….

    We think it’s funny seeing these mofo’s wearing their shit so low that they have to walk bow-legged, knock-kneed and pigeon-toed just to keep them up…..

  7. crazy88since88 Says:

    …Laaaaaaaaaaa, la’la’LA! you’bitches’cant’tell’me’nothin….RIGHT!

  8. Mac Lovin Says:

    I had a senior moment this weekend while at the movie’s. There was a group of kids with their sagging jeans (meaning assed out).
    I had to stop myself from telling them to pull there phuckin pants up nobody wants to see your skid marks. I felt really old for even thinking along those lines.

  9. EnglandRepresent Says:

    lol @ this post.

    Well said Greenie. I concurr.

  10. lo k Says:

    *pulls up pants* (none)

    if you’re going to wear your pants low, at least wear a shirt long enough to cover your ass… I personally believe that if you are on the block or there is any possibility that you are going to have to do anykind of running (whether it’s from the po, or from folks in yo hood trying to rob you) it’s rather inefficient to wear your pants that low or to have to walk bow-legged, pigeon-toed etc. I’m just sayin…

  11. lo k Says:

    and tell me why the station IP address is banned from nah? focker…

  12. G7 Says:

    I heard about Atlanta trying to pass some law about this earlier in the year. Shit’s so dumb its hilarious. What a joke.

  13. Jamz Says:

    Personally, I hate seeing another man’s drawz! However, I wish the women showing their g-strings while wearing low-rider jeans fad would come back again though…

  14. Belize Says:

    Crank that belt!

  15. Big Homie Says:

    Personally, I hate seeing another man’s drawz! However, I wish the women showing their g-strings while wearing low-rider jeans fad would come back again though…

    ^^ Where you at Jamz. I see it a lot daily. Crack kills, but sometimes its ill 😉

  16. Small Eyez Says:

    i prescribe…But Niggas need to cut that Soggy Bottoms Pants down to the ankles homosity out…seriously.

    when we was doin it back then…nobody was on showin boxers and shit…this is a new disturbing phenomenon.

  17. Fitz Says:

    Wrote this a few years ago regarding this very phenomenon:

  18. themadjewess Says:

    U know…we used to wear BELTS to keep the pants UP.

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