Faster. Stronger. Make It Better.

Its rumored that three-time Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones is going to admit she use performance enhancing drugs at several times throughout her career as one pf the US’ most celebrated female athletes. Pardon while I continue to not give a fuck.


So she had a little help. What’s the big deal? It isn’t as though Marion was a 300 lb coach potato who suddenly transformed into an athlete overnight all due to a little drugging. The bitch is bad. She worked her ass off. To get an extra edge she got some extra help.



Not dissimilar to how some off get that extra edge from Red Bull or Coffee when we are on deadline or just need to wake up in the morning. Or how some mofos need a drink (or a blunt) to unwind after a long day. Then there are the mofos who need a little blue pill to enhance their performance. If it’s not quite wet enough and you pull out the AstroGlide, all to enhance your performance, give you an edge.



Granted… none of these types of enhancers get your gold medals or endorsements. But they can get you a raise for staying up all night to finish a project, or a second date for stroking all night. We all need an extra edge to make it through the day, to make it up the mountain; unfortunately her career is now over because she did everything she could to make it to the top.


18 Responses to “Faster. Stronger. Make It Better.”

  1. ONE Says:

    Shit, i’ve done errthing, roids too. and juice(if used w/ moderation) is the ‘drug’ that will actually enhance a lot of good qualities, and will actualy put you in a better physical shape than other, and thats why people hate so much on it. Shit ppl look down on u worse than if u were smokin hard(nh) saying ‘you cheated’… Nigga! u damn right I cheated, the same way we brag about cheating on our girls, rob ppl, sell drugs, do drugs to ‘cheat’ our mind. so fuck it. nothing wrong with juice

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Ouch… You bring up a ton of good points, greenita.

  3. benhameen Says:

    or a second date for stroking all night.

    shit all i need is a bottle of grey goose for that…or a fine freak with as much energy as me…but I digress…Marion would keep me up all night thats for sure….she always been so sexy.

  4. HHF Says:

    This story bothered me. They are saying she could go to jail.

    F these haters, they act like the steroids magically make you train for 6 hrs a day for like 10 yrs straight. Same thing goes for Barry and Mark Ecko’s publicity stunt.

    I think the worst part of the whole thing is the racial element, but hey.

  5. T DOT Says:

    I think the worst part of the whole thing is the racial element, but hey.


    Game, Set & Match.

  6. DN Says:

    Steroids are the shit!

  7. cMac Says:

    idunno what to say really.

    drugs are bad mmkay

    hope serena and tiger woods are clean

  8. E aka Fidel Ca$hflow Says:

    It’s funny how people think that just by injecting yourself(no Kurt Cobain) you automatically become a super athlete. Even with roids you still gotta work your ass off(no Weezy F.)

    If Marion Jones used enough steroids does she get enough testosterone to grow a penis(ayyyyoooo)

  9. EnglandRepresent Says:

    I say bollocks. Fuck that. If you cheating playing sport and takin roids then you gettin an advantage assuming everyone else is playin fair. Now whether they are or not is a different matter the point is its against the ethos of sporting competition. My manz was juicin up (nh) and on growth hormones when he was sprintin and at first it didn’t do shit but fuck up his libido and make him an angry little chipmonk but when he started to train, dude put on all types of size (NH) which is essential for sprinting. So what I’m sayin is regardless of her race, she cheated therefore she should suffer gettin a kick up the ass. She’s already creamed a load of cash off the American Athletic Association so the main punishment she’ll get is that of public ridicule. Fuck, she’s a cheatin roid takin uber freak and if she got busted then tough titties. And thats all I have to say about that.

  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    What up though Greenie?

  11. Big Homie Says:

    Yea I was taking Creatine during football season in high school to boost my energy in weight lifting. It didnt make me all buff overnight or just taking it. It able me to more energy to lift more. I still had to work out hard each day to prep for the season. Real talk.

    Great post Greenie.

  12. Jamz Says:

    I think her crime is more so that she lied about taking the steriods after she found out that it was not flax oil, or whatever the hell it was. How come everytime somebody gets caught doing dirt they start begging for forgiveness and handing out apologies? That irritates me…

  13. lo k Says:

    damn… that’s beat… I was a fan of hers too… I personally think that there’s a differnence between eating the right foods to get in shape and taking drugs to make you do better… I don’t support using coke all night to make you stay up to study for your test just the same way that I don’t co-sign using roids to do better at sports…

  14. candyraindrops Says:

    she should def.. have some medals taken away tho

  15. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Ayo lo if you takin coke all night to help you study something tells me that you ain’t gonna be doin much studyin. lmao @ that thought.

    Update : Girl is gonna hand all of her medals back.

  16. green eyes Says:

    eng– yep ive heard.

  17. Skimaskway Says:

    hope serena and tiger woods are clean


    What could Tiger Woods possibly use steriods for? Golf is a game of finesse and accuracy not strength and stamina.

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