Logged On

Guess who’s bizzack? No, not Cam’ron.

In my moments of puterless existence, I tried to reflect a moment on the true connectivity that the digital age has brought upon us. What was I losing not being online 24/7? Was I gaining anything? Did anyone care? Did I?

In the week or two I went without a personal home computer, I can’t say that I noticed any marked difference in my life. Maybe I went to bed a bit earlier, without the temptation of random shit (get your minds out the gutter) to look up on the net.  Yeah… not as profound as it would seem either. No significantly revelatory moments, which is ultimately a good thing- I’ll just take it to mean I’m balanced and not too crazy.

Despite the loss of connection, one that we take for granted and use for everything all the time, I didn’t suffer withdrawal.  It reminded me of how new the majority of technology that rules our lives truly is- us early 80s babies and prior did not grow up with home computers, much less cell phones and 24 hour internet. Shit—I remember a black and white TV in my house and not having anything but basic cable. We only watched HBO if we happened to take a family road trip and stayed in a motel that offered it.

All this to say, most of us spent many years leaving home without our cell phones and iPods, proving that despite our brainwashing- we can in fact survive without them today (they just make it so much more fun).

Regardless—I’m back in the technology world, shout out to the Geek Squad for hooking a girl up, glad I did not in fact have to revert to smoke signals.  Thanks to you all for putting up with the delays, as a thank you the fridge is full and the bar is stocked.


15 Responses to “Logged On”

  1. madeinmilwaukee Says:

    Glad to see you back Greeny!!

  2. nation of moderation Says:

    yo i started to reflect on the same type of shit when my hard drive deteriorated. regardless of my thoughts or your thoughts, how fucking addicted are we to the worst things

  3. green eyes Says:

    its a fucking sickness on the real

  4. green eyes Says:

    thanks thor.. thats a big responsibility though.

  5. thoreauly77 Says:

    word greenie. and trust you were missed; we need your female presence just so things don’t get TOO out of control. of course, being men, it is our m.o. to joke about shit at all costs, and your presence probably keeps most of our nastiness at bay.

  6. EnglandRepresent Says:

    I find that Greenie’s presence exacerbates my nastiness.

    Good shit Greenie, now you need to start bloggin like a mad bitch to make up for your 2 weeks of slackness. I hope that fridge has got some cold Stella Artois and sausage rolls in it.

  7. green eyes Says:

    I find that Greenie’s presence exacerbates my nastiness.

    ^ i do what i can

  8. Big Homie Says:

    Yea you was in the same boat as me. My connection is still down at the crib, which is where most of my music is. That is why I been only posting when Im at the job. Welcome back Greenie

  9. ONE Says:

    I havent had InternetS at home for about 2 weeks. So I manage to take more time online at work. I just smoke a lot mo’ and I also get a lot less death threats

  10. Shanti Says:

    we had illegal cable growing up at our crib. i remember the day my brother decided to ride his bike to the cable company and ask for a cable book because we were tired of not knowing when something wasn’t coming on again. needless to say, shortly later time warner turned our cable off and my brother got an ass whooping for trying to take shit into his own hands.

  11. Shanti Says:

    *was coming on again

  12. green eyes Says:

    lmao @ shanti’s story

  13. benhameen Says:

    good to see u back….now come check out what your heteroesexual self has been missing at my spot…

    and good nite from africa….

    *ninja vanish*

  14. coffeespoons Says:

    i can’t use the internet at work and it’s driving me crazy! this attorney business isn’t as fun as i thought it would be! let’s hang out soon, my love.

  15. reythehussein Says:

    *pops Champagne for Greenita’s return*

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