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Happy motherfucking Friday ladies and gentleman. It’s been a crazy week, one that felt as though it had an extra few days mixed in, but alas, it’s over. Before you go off and drink yourself into oblivion (I see you Big Homie) here are a few news stories to wet your whistle on.

Technology News:
In about 40 years, we won’t need each other at all. For anything. Especially sex thanks to the folks at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, who believe that sex with robots, will be common place by 2050.

Greenalysis: Oh word? Considering the Real Dolls as well as the products already available either online or your local well stocked XXX shop, it’s really no surprise that this is the direction things are going. Frankly I think I’ll pass. Sounds… um… pretty unpleasant, actually. I mean, what happens if the robot malfunctions during coitus- you really want to have your most delicate if delicate areas sparked on and clamped n a robot? As much as you flesh and blood males might piss me the fuck off… nothing compares to the real thing.


Race Relations News: You have probably already heard that 1962 Nobel Prize Winner James Watson who helped discover the structure of human DNA recently made a few comments that, genetically speaking, on a cellular level, Blacks are less intelligent. In the past, he has apparently said similar things about women and also added that your melanin kevels are indicative of your libido (more equals more). (Shout to Bay x 2 for the link.)

Greenalysis: Quite frankly, this seems like the rambling of an old man, far past his glory days, stepping through the door of senility. Certainly not an excuse for his behavior, as there will be thousands of ignorant ass crackas and Racist organizations that will take this as the word of God as scientific proof of their nonexistent superiority. Ignorance, like that which this man has, is easily the biggest plague and sickness in this world- its rate of transmission is ridiculously high and most who suffer from it refuse treatment, despite its low cost.

UPDATE: Ol Jamie Boy’s been suspended. 


Drug News: Apparently San Francisco is so progressive; they even want junkies to have a safe place to shoot up. Officials are thinking about creating a “safe room” for addicts to use. This idea is taken from our neighbors to the North, those crazy Canadians (shout out to my Canadian folks) and well, read for yourself:

The site, exempt from federal drug laws so users can visit without fear of arrest, has 12 private booths where addicts inject drugs such as heroin, cocaine or crystal. They can use equipment and techniques provided by the staff, and then relax with a cup of coffee or get medical attention in the “chill out” room where they are observed, said program coordinator Sarah Evans.


“It looks kind of like a hair salon,” Evans said of the bustling space. “If we were a restaurant, we would be making a profit.”

Greenalysis: The fuck? I mean for real… what the fuck? First legalizing marijuana (for medicinal uses of course), and now this? I could walk with you on the Mary, but this shit? I thought the goal of the war on Drugs was to discourage people from using drugs, not creating new jobs in healthcare to stimulate the economy and ultimately turn it into a profit making business… oh wait.


17 Responses to “News You May Have Missed”

  1. Mac Brown Vagina Scientist.....Lets Experiment! Says:

    didn’t read the post yet.

    just wanted to say


  2. Mac Brown Vagina Scientist.....Lets Experiment! Says:

    I guess you didn’t wanna use the image I suggested

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    In Aussie they’ve got safe rooms where you can wack up and deposit your needles. Shit’s a joke.

    Good post Green Beans.

  4. E aka FidelCa$hflow Says:

    good stuff
    Maine to offer middle school kids birth control

  5. The XFacta Says:

    “Sex With Robots?” Isn’t that also called A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP

  6. State of Grace Says:

    We got a safe injection site up here in Vancouver, even though our dickbag Prime Minister is trying to shut it down. Studies show that it actually helps end the cycle of addiction (the current post on my website mentions it), in addition to the job creation you mentioned. It might seem kinda fucked up, but if you’ve ever seen the amount of junkies in Vancouver, you’d be praying for someone to do something, anything, with them. You take the good with the bad though, and having the best weed in the world helps ease the pain.

    P.S. The chapped lip advice you gave in Nah the other day is true

  7. reythehussein Says:

    That’s all lunacy.

    Greenita, how come you’re not in charge of stuff yet?


  8. green eyes Says:

    ah shit mac.. i forgot about it.. will do it for you next week.

    state of grace- lmao. props to you.

    E– i heard something about that.. i mean might as well considering they fucking starting in preschool these days. maybe they need robots.

    thank you rey!

  9. Big Homie Says:

    nothing compares to the real thing.

    ^^ You right and I have it right there sweetie waiting for ya 😉 A room to shoot up?? I never heard of that and that is wild. They need a room on every corner to smoke just in case you out in public and wanna blaze.

  10. Shanti Says:

    At least the safehouse will help decrease the spread of HIV and save the lives of those who would die from overdose on the streets.

  11. green eyes Says:

    what up shan.. good counter point

  12. cOLD Says:

    nothing to add, just saying whatup green.

  13. State of Grace Says:

    They need a room on every corner to smoke just in case you out in public and wanna blaze.

    ^^You’re living in the wrong country Homie, I can smoke weed in front of cops here, they have bigger fish to fry.

  14. montel fishburne Says:

    … DECEMBER 1, 2007 … … also available on wordpress … bring money ….

  15. montel fishburne Says:

    … lots of money …

  16. montel fishburne Says:

    *landLORD for Prime Minister*

  17. pockets Says:

    University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, who believe that sex with robots, will be common place by 2050.

    ^its already commonplace for me. ooooh yea (c) quagmire

    and Watson lost all credibility ever since ppl found out him and Crick stole the idea for the structure of DNA from some chick. they even bashed the chick in the book they wrote about their “discovery.”

    and i bet hov would open up a Le Cocaine Centre and call it Roc the Needle, just cuz he has nothing better to spend his money on. he seems bored.

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