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Southern Comfort Gift Giving Guide!

November 25, 2007


Its Holiday time! Are you ready to spend all your money? Are you one of the fools who waited in line to go shopping at 5:00am on Black Friday instead of using a day off for its true purpose (FYI that would be sleeping late and getting laid)? Are you eagerly waiting Oprah’s latest favorites things episodes so you can feel poor and unworthy because you can’t buy your mom the $8,990 cashmere Teflon baking mitts?

Have no fear- we here at Southern Comfort don’t believe in spending a lot of money on the people we love (our friendship is enough) so we’ve put together a handy gift guide for all the important people in your life. Not only will this make you’re shopping much easier- it’s cheaper, more fun and allow you to save time to A) sleep late, B) get laid & C) waste time on the internet.



One time for the hos

November 15, 2007


Unless you have been living under a rock, boycott consumerism or are fortunate enough to reside in a country that doesn’t begin preparing to celebrate the capitalistic holiday season in September, you are well aware that Christmas is indeed coming.