One time for the hos


Unless you have been living under a rock, boycott consumerism or are fortunate enough to reside in a country that doesn’t begin preparing to celebrate the capitalistic holiday season in September, you are well aware that Christmas is indeed coming.

To some this means family togetherness, something about Christ and frankincense and myrrh. To some this means nothing because Christmas s essentially a Christian holiday and many many many people in the world do not follow that faith despite what the Bush administration would like to believe. To yet others- a pagan ritual (c) landLORD. To the vast majority, however, the Christmas season just means mass consumption. A lot of food. A lot of money (or debt).

In Australia, Christmas is taking on a whole ‘nother meaning. In the land down under, Christmas’ most venerable figure- Santa himself- is under attack. No longer is he just a fat guy who sneaks into your houses and eats your cookies. There are certain Santa hating faction that are intent on making St Nick out to be a chauvinistic pig who calls women hos.

That’s right… the jolly cheer of “Ho Ho Ho” is being called offensive to women. Australian Santa’s are being asked to stop saying “ho” and start saying “Ha Ha Ha” in this case of political correctness gone horribly, horribly, dreadfully, grotesquely awry. People! This is Santa we’re frigging talking about. Not Don Imus. Not Snoop. Not even my gardener looking for tools. Santa. A made up figure who brings joy to boys and girls by making their parents seem second best. Are we really that far gone as a society to pretend a fat old guy in a red suit who flies around once a year giving presents to “nice” kids is offensive and demeaning to women?

Let Santa live. Or rather, in the immortal words of Havoc… Let a ho be a ho.



PS. Im back motherfuckers….. 😉


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17 Responses to “One time for the hos”

  1. Soul C Says:

    …and I’m glad you’re back Miss Green.

    I’m not surprised that this is Australia wrestling with Political Correctness. It’s probably overdue. Admittedly not with Santa though (we prefer “Father Christmas” over here). Aussies are known here for their world-class “chauvinist piggery”.

    Check out some of the quotes from high profile Aussies in this article published just this week in the Guardian newspaper…,,2209281,00.html

  2. el feces loco Says:

    A made up figure who brings joy to boys and girls by making their parents seem second best.

    ^^^ Comedy Relief..I dont celebrate Xmas tho…will there be a Kwaanza post? haha.

  3. green eyes Says:

    good lookin out soul..
    no doubt feces– you know i roll with the kwanzaabot (c) futurama

  4. el feces loco Says:,,2209281,00.html

    Union leader Martin Ferguson calling women campaigning for paid maternity leave ‘hairy-legged femocrats’.

    ^^The hell is a femocrat?..that shit is ill tho..Imma keep that in mind for that one occasion where I discuss Hillary with anyone.

    PS. Santa should change his shit to “hey hey hey”(c)Re Run

  5. the audience Says:

    Nah Humbug!

    It’s about time someone tried to shut “Santy” down. Saying “ho” is the least of his transgressions.

    how about these violations:

    Child Labor Laws: “Elves”- I don’t think so. Children- very yes, besides, everyone knows that “elves” work in trees and make cookies.

    Cruelty to Animals: PETA should have been on top of this. he makes Mike Vick look like “Dr. Dolittle”. He beats them mofos so bad, he making em fly. Once they can’t make the cut, they get cut up. What do you think keeps him fat and flossed out? hmmmmm.

    Pedophilia: Kiddie booty grinds are NOT necessary when you supposedly got a list at the crib (you check it twice), and know what the snot-noses want, and whose been naughty or nice. We know who’s naughty, must be nice for you.

    Felony B & E (numerous): This cat comes into your crib whenever he feels like it- not through the door like a normal mofo, but through the chimney (sounds like a cat burgular), takes whatever food and drink you left him, and GOD knows what else, feels up the misses, and snatches a kid (elf) or two. The cost- a raggedy ass toy or two.

    Man, we ain’t even got relatives that got it that good.

    p.s.- welcome back


  6. green eyes Says:

    besides, everyone knows that “elves” work in trees and make cookies.

    ^ lmao. genius.

  7. lo k Says:

    santa’s a pedophile… and Christmas is absolutely a pagan ritual… look up Saturnalia… it was a week where roman men would have sex with one another, beat up their wives, give each other gifts, and run rampant… the only reason we have Christmas is because the Romans wouldn’t sign on to the whole Christianity thing… this is also why it’s celebrated in December instead of when Christ was actually born (everyone knows he was born in Spring time)…

  8. Big Homie Says:

    Ho..Hooooo youz a ho…hoooooo..youz a ho..I said that youz a ho…hooooo!!

  9. Big Homie Says:

    Hold up…Santa is make believe??

  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Greeeeenie. Bout time you threw your hat back in. I’ve seen this shit and it makes me laugh my ass off. Considering a politician recently called another politician a ‘lying half arsed dingbat’ in Parliament. lmao. Silly shit. Anyway Santa’s real, he’s absoloutely real.

    Soul C is an Aussie? Where you from Soul? I stay in Melbourne.

    Big ups Greenie you lovely creature.

  11. The XFacta Says:

    Bah Hum Bug

  12. E aka FidelCa$hflow Says:

    good to see you’re getting coputers putin again

  13. G7 Says:

    no ho’s at Christmas? that’s weak!

  14. State of Grace Says:

    H-Word, H-Word, H-Word! Merry Non-Denominational Winter everybody!

  15. reythehussein Says:

    LOL… Good post, Greenie. That shit is a bit nutty.

  16. cOLD Says:

    whats up green good looks.

  17. don Says:

    Damn. lol.

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