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Friday Freaky Tales

February 12, 2009

Same freak, new spot. But I’m sayin’, its always fun to find new spots. Its been awhile so I know I should ply you with sweet talk, beg your forgiveness for leaving you so abruptly,  but lets skip the niceties and just get right down to it, like I showed up at your door buck nekkid under a trench coat with a bottle of Henny in one hand and handcuffs in the other. I know how you like it baby. (more…)


Some News…

December 11, 2007

Where has my slackin’ ass been…. the question of the day. I know, its been a long time & I promised last time I left not to do it again. It was for a good reason (not really)… a few of my blogging brethren and I are teaming up to launch – a network where we can all continue to spread our messages, but hopefully make a buck or two at the the same time.

You can catch me there a few times a week, and I’ll still be updating here as well (as much as I can) … but check us out at Alumnah, we got some great things cooking over there.

Oh.. and click the ads when you’re there. Our bank accounts will thank you.

The Monogamy Myth

October 25, 2007


Birds do it. Some fish do it. We do it. A least, we try to do it. No you dirty bastards; I’m not talking about sex (this time). (Most of us do more than just try to do that) I’m referring to the “M” word. Monogamy.


Everybody Get Freaky!

October 21, 2007



I was listening to the radio this weekend and I noted there were an inordinate amount of pro-abstinence commercials. Not that I’m anti-abstinence per se, but I must admit that this trend of abstinence only sex education is rather disheartening because it seems to miss the target. Commercials ending “I wish I waited” miss the mark. Why? Because people ARENT waiting.


News You May Have Missed

October 18, 2007



Happy motherfucking Friday ladies and gentleman. It’s been a crazy week, one that felt as though it had an extra few days mixed in, but alas, it’s over. Before you go off and drink yourself into oblivion (I see you Big Homie) here are a few news stories to wet your whistle on.


The Devil Wears a Flowered Housecoat

October 17, 2007

As most of you may be aware, I tend to think Tyler Perry = the Devil. Or at least a tool of the Devil. Or at least a tool to creating some god-awful modern day minstrel shows. However, as with my prejudice against Vitamin Water, I figured in order to be truly fair and balanced (not that I actually care to be), I should give the motherfucker a chance before calling his film and TV work as coon-erific as his stage plays.

Killer Kids = Hip Hop??

October 14, 2007


When the kid in the picture above is a teenager who listens exclusively to Marilyn Manson, dresses like a vampire reject, hates people and shots up his school before ending his own sad, miserable, self involved life, please believe it’ll be 50 cents fault. Or maybe at that point, it’ll be Marquise’s fault.


News You May Have Missed

October 11, 2007


Kids killing kids, newfangled technology— its been quite a week.


Rap for Dummies

October 9, 2007


Since A&R and Artist Development budgets have been cut like healthcare and every one and their uncle’s baby momma wants to be a rapper, we here at Southern Comfort have decided to put together a nifty Idiots Guide to a Successful Rap Career, detailing a few of the less obvious rules (misspell as often as possible using a “z” any chance you get, pick the most retarded ass stage name you can think of, make it an acronym for something outrageous if you can, etc.)

Follow at your own risk. And if you blow up, I expect mad residuals. Crazy mad.


Click Clack

September 23, 2007

In an attempt to balance the facts that you are given both a give certificate and an assault rifle upon your birth in Miami-Dade County, the Miami-Dade police will soon begin following the leaf of departments on Danbury, CT, Merced, CA., Waterloo, IA, and Stillwater, OK, all which allowing their officers to start carrying AK47s. (more…)