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Friday Freaky tales

February 27, 2009

My dear ladies and gentlemen, today I’d like to talk about toys. Two weeks ago I gave you Tenga Eggs, and today I give you even more toys to double your pleasure. Lets face it, in this day and age where STDs are running rampant and most potential partners have ho-tendencies, its important we know how to take care of ourselves. Self love. Its hella important. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where technology is catching up (or advancing in many cases) both our sexual experiences, and our, well genital care. Unfortunately, this blog isn’t bout the next great sex toy. It’s in fact about the worst toys & devices out today. You know you’re curious so read on. (more…)


Friday Freaky Tales

February 12, 2009

Same freak, new spot. But I’m sayin’, its always fun to find new spots. Its been awhile so I know I should ply you with sweet talk, beg your forgiveness for leaving you so abruptly,  but lets skip the niceties and just get right down to it, like I showed up at your door buck nekkid under a trench coat with a bottle of Henny in one hand and handcuffs in the other. I know how you like it baby. (more…)

The Monogamy Myth

October 25, 2007


Birds do it. Some fish do it. We do it. A least, we try to do it. No you dirty bastards; I’m not talking about sex (this time). (Most of us do more than just try to do that) I’m referring to the “M” word. Monogamy.


Sniff this

September 24, 2007


A note: Southern Comfort frowns on censorship, but the following post is definitely for the grown ups.

It is only fitting that SC’s resident Vagina Scientist brought this to my attention- a German developed perfume of sorts called Vulva. As you can tell, Germans are pros at subtlety.


Freak Fest

September 13, 2007



Recently a small town in Russia attempted to boost its population, began a baby making contest giving couples time off from work to roll around naked. Over 500 people registered for this paid holiday off.