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Look Deeper

September 5, 2007



Instead of just along Hip Hop and Rap to wallow in decreased market share and sales figures, the US Government has take it upon itself to kick it when its down. The government has decided that there is just far too much misogyny in Hip Hop and congressional hearings are required to address what should be done about it.



G.W. Done Fucked Up Now

August 15, 2007



In absolutely terrifying US foreign policy/War on Terror/Axis of Evil news- there are rumors flying that the Bush administration is looking to officially designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp (you know, their military) as a terrorist organization. While, technically speaking, an argument can be made that all militaries, when invading and fighting and doing their usual day-to-day work engage in what those who are fighting on the other side might justifiably call terrorist activities, this designation is apparently specifically because the Revolutionary Guard trained/planned/supported al Qeada and other such known terrorist organizations.


It’s a Takeover

July 1, 2007




Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.
-Lord Acton

It is very possible that you are unaware of an imminent and somewhat hostile takeover that will more that likely have a significant effect on what news you learn about and ultimately, the way you think. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has been in negotiations to purchase the Wall Street Journal, a bid that has sent shock waves through the business and news communities out of concern for protecting the editorial integrity and independence of the Journal, but the impact on the average person has been practically nil.


Where you at?

June 19, 2007


In 1984 George Orwell predicted a society where the masses were under constant surveillance by governments (a belief followed by many theorists, both before and after him). Every move was watched, thoughts were monitored, and freedom was only a rumor of days gone by. Within all these theories,  the supposition remained that Big Brother would force such pervasive observation techniques on the masses; however it would appear that in 2007 the masses are quickly embracing such a totalitarian society by means of our own free will and desire for cool stuff and the illusion of safety and creature comforts.