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One time for the hos

November 15, 2007


Unless you have been living under a rock, boycott consumerism or are fortunate enough to reside in a country that doesn’t begin preparing to celebrate the capitalistic holiday season in September, you are well aware that Christmas is indeed coming.



The Devil Wears a Flowered Housecoat

October 17, 2007

As most of you may be aware, I tend to think Tyler Perry = the Devil. Or at least a tool of the Devil. Or at least a tool to creating some god-awful modern day minstrel shows. However, as with my prejudice against Vitamin Water, I figured in order to be truly fair and balanced (not that I actually care to be), I should give the motherfucker a chance before calling his film and TV work as coon-erific as his stage plays.

Killer Kids = Hip Hop??

October 14, 2007


When the kid in the picture above is a teenager who listens exclusively to Marilyn Manson, dresses like a vampire reject, hates people and shots up his school before ending his own sad, miserable, self involved life, please believe it’ll be 50 cents fault. Or maybe at that point, it’ll be Marquise’s fault.


Look Deeper

September 5, 2007



Instead of just along Hip Hop and Rap to wallow in decreased market share and sales figures, the US Government has take it upon itself to kick it when its down. The government has decided that there is just far too much misogyny in Hip Hop and congressional hearings are required to address what should be done about it.


My Pal Al

August 19, 2007


Dear Al:

On behalf of me, I’d like to thank you Al, for all you have done. Truly.


Musical Busy-Ness

August 9, 2007



Business and the creative industries is a match made in the deepest levels of hell. From inception, they are surrounded with more confusion, anger, grief, jealousy and misunderstanding than a one night stand where the condom broke. Businesses and the arts are particularly unfortunate mates because their goals are so disparate.