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Its good to be home

January 14, 2009

im back motherfuckers.


The Devil Wears a Flowered Housecoat

October 17, 2007

As most of you may be aware, I tend to think Tyler Perry = the Devil. Or at least a tool of the Devil. Or at least a tool to creating some god-awful modern day minstrel shows. However, as with my prejudice against Vitamin Water, I figured in order to be truly fair and balanced (not that I actually care to be), I should give the motherfucker a chance before calling his film and TV work as coon-erific as his stage plays.


September 11, 2007



A few musing about power. Nothing concrete, just a few thoughts that you may or may not share.


Get Low

August 27, 2007


Critics are crying a foul threatening to get the ACLU in involved due to the multitude of “anti-saggy pant” laws that are making their way onto the books across these United States. Already outlawed in parts of Louisiana, Dallas and Atlanta are now trying to equate saggy pants and visible drawers to public sex acts (heartless lawmakers… taking all the fun out of public sex), effectively squelching an individual’s freedom of bad fashion.